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 Southern Legion MA
We, the members of the Southern Legion MA, all came together to share in the brotherhood of the open road, and to help to preserve the memories of our Southern Ancestors who fought for their independence. We support Southern owned businesses, and fight hard to protect the image of all of the flags of the Confederacy, as well as, the Soldiers that fought under them. We are an "in your face" organization when it comes to special interest groups trying to have the flags removed from public property, government buildings, and our schools. We promote and support causes that define what it means to be a true Southerner, a Biker, and we believe in events that will give back to the community of which we live, ride and fly our flag. We claim no territory, and we respect all MC's, MO's, and RC's but we ask for the same respect in return.

Number Of Members:3-4
Does Club Travel:Yes
Events Attended:Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - Sturgis, SD
Daytona Beach Bike Week - Daytona Beach, FL
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