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 Patriot Riders M/C
Patriot Riders Motorcycle Club is a family orientated club. We represent motorcycle riding, family, unity, camping, traveling, fun and the camaraderie of the members. We as Patriot Riders are proud to be Americans and will stand together as one with our fellow Americans to protect our country, security and freedom. As members we believe in total freedom, We do not believe in club dictatorship, cliques, power plays or politics. We consist of quality members, We consider our fellow club members as brothers. We are one family. The bike you ride is of your choice, not ours. We respect all motorcycle clubs for the dues they have paid in life and on the road, “1%ers” and “non 1%ers” alike. “United we stand divided we fall”. We are not involved in, nor will permit any drugs, reckless riding, bad attitudes or lawlessness of any kind in our club. We as Patriot Riders pledge to help our fellow members, fellow bikers and fellow Americans in time of need. We pledge to promote a good image of bikers to the public and our fellow Americans. We promise to get as much wind in our faces, miles on our bikes and bugs in our teeth as humanly possible. We, the Patriot Riders Motorcycle Club, respect the freedom of our country to be able to ride, to live our lives, and live to ride the roads of our great country. (PRF / FPR)

Number Of Members:Over 25
Does Club Travel:No
Events Attended:
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