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 Foxy Ryders
Foxy Ryders Motorcycle Club of Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in June 2001.
The purpose of the Foxy Ryders Motorcycle Club is to create and promote a positive image of female motorcyclist in the metro Atlanta area. This is achieved by collaborating with clubs from all over the United States to produce responsible and positive motorcycle events. The Foxy Ryders membership criteria demands commitment to club and community service by maintaining high moral standards.
We have 3 philanthropies: Breast Cancer, Diabetes, and Children's Organizations. We will donate time, effort and finances to these charities, with the hopes of making a difference. Although we donate to charities, we will not lose sight of the real purpose of the club and that is to have FUN and RIDE.

Number Of Members:
Does Club Travel:No
Events Attended:Black Bike week, Naitonal Bikers Round-up
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