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Texians is about friendship and brotherhood. Our primary mission is to enhance our members' lives through the sharing of our great Texas Heritage and build lasting and fulfilling relationships with other members. We enjoy riding the back roads of Texas, visiting historical sites, and points of interest, attending such events as rallies, drag races, and swap meets while having as much fun as possible in the process. Our association also likes to show its support to its community through a variety of charities or causes we deem worthy by attending benefits, charities and fundraisers. By doing this, we hope to be able to help people in need while enjoying riding our motorcycles in the process. We are couples oriented and encourage our members to bring their spouse into the association as well or at least bring them along as often as possible. Both men and women wear patches, vote, hold offices and ride. Your choice of iron is yours, not ours, so we accept all. We all share an undeniable passion for riding, whether on two wheels or three, and having a good time! Just like the men who fought for Texas' independence, our members come from various educational, social, and professional backgrounds. We invite you to join/ride and become a part of our family! We do not tolerate rude and obnoxious behavior; fighting or bullies, there will be no foul language, sexual harassment, lewd or indecent acts or anything illegal.

Number Of Members:Up to 3
Does Club Travel:No
Events Attended:ROT, Lone Star Rally
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